Dance Venture Courses and Classes

Dance Venture offers a variety of dance courses for all ages, accommodating both the recreational and serious student. There is an opportunity to undertake Royal Academy of Dance (RAD) ballet examinations at all levels with complementary and exciting courses in contemporary dance and jazz ballet for all ages.

Twinkle Toes 2 e1510383611312 - Classes

Twinkle Toes Ballet
Ages 3-4

This programme although based on classical steps and music, is purely an introduction to dance and free movement. The emphasis is on exploring movement, gaining self-confidence, learning to listen to music and following directions. Children learn to work within a group, share and take turns. Various basic learning concepts are incorporated into enjoyable dance routines and props are used to help enliven the dance experience and enrich the imagination. The students have the option of participating in all school performances.

Ballet Club e1510384617825 - Classes

Ballet Club
Ages 5 and above

A programme designed as a general education in all aspects of ballet for students who want to experience ballet for enjoyment, fitness and good health. It also provides a thorough grounding in the basics and an extension of the ballet experience for students wishing to take an RAD Graded Exam. It is recommended as the second class for those students. The programme is designed for fun whilst giving students a balanced understanding of the principles of dance and movement. A carefully planned programme of study is provided by teachers who specialise in understanding the principles of movement and fundamentals of Classical Ballet. Classes are taught with the student's needs as a central basis. Divided into separate levels, club members are also challenged to choreograph and/or to prepare a performance piece choreographed by their teacher, for the end of every term.

Graded exams e1510582883657 - Classes

Challenge Programme
Graded Examinations​

Students who wish to sit for a Graded Examination (formerly Grades Exams) must enrol in the syllabus class appropriate for their Grade level. Children should also be enrolled in Ballet Club 1, 2, 3 or 4. Our teaching is based on the Royal Academy of Dance (RAD) syllabus. The syllabus has been devised with great care so it progresses a child in stages, demanding no more of a young body than it can cope with. It is fun for children to dance and helps to develop co-ordination, fitness and a sense of rhythm, musicality and expression as well as promoting self-discipline and boosting self-confidence. Emphasis in these exam syllabus classes will be on preparation for examinations and achievement of a high level of skill in both technique and performance. Students will also be encouraged to participate in RAD competitions, scholarship classes, auditions and other productions.

Vocational 2 e1510383775872 - Classes

Challenge Programme
Vocational Examinations

For boys and girls over the age of 11 who wish to study ballet more seriously with a view to possibly pursuing a career in dance or dance teaching. Following the Royal Academy's Vocational Graded Examinations in Dance syllabus, it develops technique, strength and artistry to the very highest levels producing dancers who can then adapt with ease to the demands of any dance style.
In addition to syllabus classes we provide specialist open, allegro, pointe and conditioning classes. Students will be encouraged to participate in RAD competitions, scholarship classes, auditions and other productions.

Contemporary 1 e1510318204398 - Classes

Contemporary Dance

This programme has three levels - junior, intermediates and senior, focussing on teaching the fundamentals of Modern Dance (theatrical), and techniques for falling, recovery, use of space, breadth of movement and choreography. The emphasis for these classes is extending the realms of possibility in dance through experienced and safe teaching methods. It is suitable for age 8 upwards. Classical students develop a refined understanding of weight, gravity and the use of the whole body in movement, so is highly recommended as an addition to those studying in our Challenge Programmes. Performance opportunities include choreographic evenings, concerts and competitions

Jazz 2 e1510383836582 - Classes

Jazz Ballet

Our jazz programme is structured into classes according to age and ability. From age 6, classes are centred on enjoyment, fun and fitness rather than competitive dancing and exams. Each level of class will present the dances that they have learnt throughout the year at mid-year and end of year concerts in addition to involvement in choreographic evenings. We accept children from beginners to advanced levels, developing their rhythm and general co-ordination skills in a relaxed and fun environment. Classical students who join these classes benefit from the jazz technique as it reduces tension and develops an understanding of alternate dance styles and their interplay with each other.